Sarsaparilla (latin name: smilax) is a member of the lily family. It is native to South America, Jamaica, Mexico, the Caribbean and Honduras. The name means ‘a small, brambled vine’ and is a derivation of the Spanish words zarza (bramble or bush), parra (vine), and illa (small). The root of the sarsaparilla plant has been used for centuries by Indigenous people around the world to treat joint problems and skin problems like arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. The root contains a wide range of plant chemicals, like saponins, who have a beneficial effect on the human body as they bind to the endotoxins in the alimentary canal. This lowers the general complement level, reduces inflammation in the body and in turn receives symptoms such as pain and swelling. Sarsaparilla is also used for bacterial infections, kidney disease and to reduce itching . Athletes use it to enhance their strength and stamina. Additionally, Sarsaparilla is also the highest concentrated plant for iron in the world. This results in clear and glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails.

Benefits of Sarsaparilla:
• the highest concentrated plant for iron in the world
• calms the nervous system
• improves cognitive function
• detoxifies the body
• boosts the immune system
• promotes clear skin, beautiful hair and strong nails
• has anti-bacterial properties
• improves digestion
• improves testosterone levels
• has anti-inflammatory properties
• treats asthma
• aids in weight loss

– Dr. Sebi on Sarsaparilla:
“Now, why the Sarsaparilla has made such a great impression on me.. because I have been using many herbs in addressing the blood, but the Sarsaparilla overnight.. in fact, in minutes after taking the organic herb of Sarsaparilla, you will see the benefits of it immediately. One of the things that is does is calm the central nervous system. Ionisation: calms the central nervous system. Besides ionization, it gives you energy. It’s the spark plug of the body. It’s the greatest cleanser you ever had in your life. The sarsaparilla is the highest concentrated plant for iron; the most powerful agent in reference to iron of any plant.”


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Succesful studies for more information about the healing benefits of Sarsaparilla: