My second order of the capsules – I share them with my 13 year daughter. We both feel the intensity of energy that is generated in the body. Keeps us focused and boosts the cells. Also the owner of the company can provide you with additional information with questions you have regarding what to eat and where to pay attention to so you can optimize the body.I will keep taking the daily dosis of these capsules for a long time. 1st class service and quality content.

T. Coupé

Alkaline Valley came right at the perfect time for me! I had just run out of a few of my herbs and was honestly looking to purchase more, but this time have the all-in-one advantage. The Seamoss, Burdock Root, Bladderwrack herbal capsules were exactly what I was looking for. Finally being able to take all of these herbs at one time, packaged into the same capsule has saved me a lot of time and money. The benefits of each of these alone is already incredible, but having the option to combine them all is like the superhero of herbs and minerals. Love it.

M. Muhammed

Omg thank you for the pills.. I’m using them for 2,5 weeks now and I can’t live without them anymore because the moment I take them it gives me so much energy. But not only that, also my skin is clear. My mother and sister they also have the pills and they both thought it was an energy pill hahaha. And I want to thank you again for your service and the way you were helping me to have all the 102 minerals, only love for you. And here it comes: my brother, sister in law, aunt and niece also want to order because my mom was telling them about the benefits and the way she feels. So you have the whole family hooked up ❤

Uahiba M.

I still use this one, I feel energized when I take it in the morning.


Wonderful service and great combination of herbs.

Shira V.

Wonderful product.

Sylvie Brown

In addition to the cookbook, I also take the herbal supplements. I myself chose the capsules with Irish moss, bladderwrack & burdock root. I notice that my skin and hair look much better and healthy. I also feel much more energetic than before. Highly recommended. Love yourself, your body is your temple. Be careful with it! Signed by a very satisfied customer!

M. de Smaele

Ordered the fourth time I think and I am very happy with the products, good customer service and fast delivery to Germany. Very reliable source for seamoss as this is not easy to get. I take it every morning to refill the body with minerals.

Elisavet K.

I feel more energy and overall a better feeling in my body. I have the feeling that i can breathe better. The quality of the product is great and customer service as well. It’s a one woman small business and you can see that she loves her product and takes care of them. Thank you for helping me get healthier!


Works fantastic and starting to feel the benefits. Can’t wait for the long term effects.


The sea moss capsules were great for me. I usually make sea moss gel when I’m at home, but I’ve been traveling a lot. So the capsules were perfect for on the road!.

E. Kaufman

Fast delivery, neatly packaged and a great product. I have already placed another order.

Frank Harrevelt

More than satisfied with the seamoss capsules I ordered from Alkaline Valley. The gnosis behind this product is something I recommend for each one of you to first dive into.. after that, be your personal scientist we all are by definition. It was my first order, but definitely not my last.

M. Doomernik

I bought the colon cleanse capsules since I have been struggling from acne for a few years. I took the capsules for 21 days along with a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods. I was very impressed with how my skin improved tremendously, acne slowly cleared and I feel much better with myself. The cleanse really helped me mentally too, clear thoughts and clear mind. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a cleanse, follow the right lifestyle and results will come. Thank you Alkaline Valley♥️

Anique Pessoa

I came across Mullein somewhere a few years ago, but was scarce in supply. Mullein sounded like the solution to cleaning my lungs and keeping them clean. Fortunately, Alkaline Valley now offers it, so I can order it along with my sea moss, sarsaparilla and chaga. Noticeably good effect, and am also convinced of preventative effect.

A. Vonk

Good product, I am using it every day together with other cleansing herbs. Feeling better day by day.


Already ordered several products through this website and am very satisfied.


The ordering process was smooth and fast. Looking forward to trying these!


I was pretty sceptic beforehand and honestly I didn’t notice any difference the first four or five days of taking these capsules. But now I’m at my 6th day and I increased the dosage to 2 capsules, I’m much calmer, less stressed, my mind is more clear and I feel more energetic, emotionally and physically. I’ve tried so many supplements and I can finally say that this one’s a keeper! The only con I can think of is the price. But then again, where else will you find Irish sea moss, bladderwrack and burdock root in a single capsule without paying an arm and a leg for delivery costs and tax..

Ali A.

I have purchased the recipe book as a result of some very insightful information that was promoted on the Alkaline Valley instagram account. For someone exploring an alkaline/vegan lifestyle I find the recipe book very welcoming and helping with the transition! I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone even if a lifestyle change is not the goal! The meals are easy to make and delicious.

M. Duintjer

When I say I looove this recipe book! This book became my go to when I started to transition into eating more alkaline. The recipes are simple and my go to is the banana bread! Such an easy and super delicious recipe. But the book is full of so many different types of recipes and made eating alkaline so much easier that you’ll never be out of things to cook! Do yourself a favor and purchase this!

I. Lucas

I had some questions and she answered super fast and she was very nice!!! Thanks 🙂

Annie Leverman

Fast delivery! Thank you xxx


I can honestly say this ebook is a must have if you’re looking to transition to an alkaline lifestyle. Recipes are straight to the point, not complicated and may I add delicious.

K. Parker

My go-to cookbook. Well designed and super tasty, simple recipes. I started my plant based journey almost 2 years ago and this book really helped with my transition! I still can’t decide which recipe I like the most.. the coconut curry, chili sin carne, chana masala or the lasagna I had so many compliments on! (by people who eat meat). I still have to dive into the breakfast section but I cannot wait to do so.

L. van den Berg

Refreshing and inspiring ebook with delicious and easy to use recipes. Recommended!!!

G. Aïsha